Our Teachings

  1. Members of the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness worship Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krishna Consciousness is the largest religious denomination of Hinduism. Worshipping Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the devotees’ most important religious function.
  2. Devotees can approach Lord Krishna through the process of devotional service.
  3. To perform devotional service it is crucial to understand that living entities are not identical with their bodies but they are eternal souls and to recognise the concept of reincarnation and karma.
  4. To practise the religious processes it is desirable to adhere to the main moral and regulative principles as well as to understand and follow the principle of ahimsa - nonviolence and vegetarianism.
  5. One of the most important daily practices is the offering of non-violent, vegetarian food to God. Such foodstuffs are thus transformed into karma-free, spiritual food.
  6. Mantra meditation is another vital daily practice. Chanting the Lord’s Holy Names connects the devotee to God.
  7. In temples and preaching centres devotees worship Deity forms of the Lord. Such forms are non-different from the Lord and They may be worshipped in temples or at home.
  8. Austerity, truthfulness and mercy are foundational in Krishna Conscious practice. Cleanliness and wearing traditional robes facilitate absorption by creating a favourable state of consciousness.
  9. For systematic spiritual advancement analytical, regular and thorough study of Vedic scriptures is essential.
  10. Association nurtures spiritual advancement and taking part in festivals and visiting holy places facilitates such association.

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