Village Festival in Krishna Valley – the most exciting open-air festival in an ecovillage

Fodor Angol, NEWS

The Village Festival „Búcsú” of Krishna Valley is the most colorful open-air festival of Hungary which lasts three full days. Krishna Valley in Somogy county is one of the largest ecovillages in Europe with its 286 hectares of land. It has a cow protection centre, organic vegetable gardens, an ecology training path, botanical gardens, a Vedic elementary school, a bee farm, and, being a spiritual centre, it has many holy places and a wonderful temple in its centre which is the heart of Krishna Valley. 

The Village Festival at Krishna Valley, the „Búcsú”, is an annual opportunity for the visitors to learn about all aspects of the ancient Indian culture from the religious practice through to the everyday activities: the attire, the art of henna decoration, culinary arts and cultural customs. All this is elegantly woven into the beautiful Hungarian landscape demonstrating how the principles of religion can be integrated with sustainability and environment protection. All these are presented by the inhabitants of the Valley, representing several trades and professions like that of the gardener. The three-day event not only presents the Indian cultural heritage but also the almost forgotten Hungarian folk traditions like spinning and weaving garments from hemp or silk. These traditions handed down by our great-grandparents are kept alive by the Hare Krishna inhabitants of the Valley. 

The treasures of nature, the native medicinal herbs as well as Ayurvedic healing will also be highlighted. Children will find exciting handicraft and other creativeness programmes at the local Hare Krishna school. Ladies will certainly be interested in henna decorations and the beauty-parlour tent as well as in lectures and presentations about homemade cosmetics and household chemicals. The more curious can join the groups visiting the residential area of the local inhabitant missionaries and with the help of trained guides our guests can get an idea of their everyday lives. There will be guided tours all over the Valley, even on ox driven carts! When you get hungry after walking around for hours, you can savour delicious Indian, Hungarian and Mediterranean dishes at the several gastronomy tents all around the Village.

What else? Patting calves, tasting vegan ice cream, watching films about Indian travels or listening to lectures, watching exciting Indian dance productions, hearing live concerts and many, many children’s programmes. The more scholarly can listen to lectures on Indian philosophy, and when tired of wisdom, can participate in a Holi festival, which is the origin of the modern-day Paintball games. All this is just 20 minutes’ drive from the Lake Balaton. And if all this were not enough, you can take home your experiences in a miniature glass capsule filled with living plants, or a “Vraja Kavacha”. Collect points / stamps throughout the visit, play with us, and please, check out the methods applied to protect the natural environment in the Valley.

Be our guest at the most exciting open-air festival, the island of the soul, the Village Festival of Krishna Valley, the “Búcsú”, which will be held 16 to 18 July, 2021 at Somogyvámos.

Do not forget to bring along your Immunity Card, as we are required by the Government to check it at the entrance.

Thank you!