1000 servings of food daily in Turkey

Fodor Angol, NEWS, Sajtópont

The members of the food distribution mission got up early. The temperature falls to 2 degrees during the night, starting the cooking cauldrons and the work was outright pleasant. Acting on the recommendation of the military, our food distributors set up camp south of Antakya, in a suburb, as in more central locations violence is rife. 

The men served 400 portions as breakfast to the local population – they are serving 1000 plates daily. They served hot lentil soup, cheese, bread and olives, according to local tradition. This area was hit the gardest buy the earthquake: practically all buildings were damaged and many collapsed completely. People are immensely grateful for the help. The combined mission of Hungarian and Turkish Hare Krishna devotees is planned to distribute several thousand portions of nourishing dishes. 

The team serves meals twice a day, after breakfast is distributed, they start cooking the dinner which is distributed at 4:30pm. In the region of Kahramanmaras post tremors were observed even yesterday. Confirmed death toll is now over 34 thousand, therefore the local population really needs any and all international aid available.

You can easily help the aid operation with a few clicks on www.karitativ.hu. Please include „Turkey” in the reference. Alternatively, you can assist the Turkish Food for Life organisation through their webpage: https://www.yasamicinyemek.org/en



Food for Life has served the Hungarian people for thirty years now and has participated in several international rescue and aid operations. Its main activity is distributing hot food—fresh preparations that are simple, nourishing and rich. As these preparations are vegetarian, they do not involve violence against animals. They not only nourish the body, but, having been offered to God, they also nourish the soul. Hare Krishna devotees are committed to mitigate the sufferings of their fellow human beings in this material world as far as possible. In times of such catastrophes it is not enough to feed the body but spiritual knowledge is also much needed to help to understand the reasons behind the chaotic events in the world. This humanitarian programme is one of the nicest examples of service to humankind.