2013.07.13. Festival of Chariots Budapest (EN)

Fodor Hírek

The festive procession leaves from Heroes’ Square at 10am and arrives at Vörösmarty square, followed by the Festival of India there.

Here the visitors are welcomed by vegetarian snacks, lectures on Vedig filosophy, a Questions and Answers tent, games of self awareness, a stage programme with music and dance, pantomime; children’s programmes, merry-go-round, face decoration, bouncing castle and a lot more.

Detailed programme:

!!! 10.00 Festival of Chariots – the procession leaves from HEROES’s Square (clowns, acrobats, riders, flower cart)

13.00 Chariot arriving at Vörösmarty Square, beginning of the Festival of India and the fair, opening speeches

13.15 Traditional Indian music

13.45 Colourful show of Indian dance

14.00 P R O M I S E – pantomime

14.30 Bharata-natyam – ancient tradition of dance from India

14.45 Connect! Yoga presentation – Bhaktivedanta College

15.15 Mridanga drum show – Sri Prahlada Gurukula (school), Krishna-valley

15.45 Dances of India

16.00 Bhajana – Indian music – Nitai Bhavana das (Péter Csató, formerly Replika Group)

16.30 Ancient culture of India – lecture

17.00 Every step is a dance – Indian dance show

17.15 Draw –colourful gifts

17.30 Mridanga drumshow – Sound of the Indian clay drum

17.45 Kirtana – Indian music guest performers: Russia

18.15 Striking thoughts – filosophy of India – lecture

19.00 The chariot returns – closing of the Festival

(Programme details are subject to change)

 Enquiries: [email protected]

Gala Dinner for Supporters: According to our tradition, a Gala Dinner including a colourful show is being organised for the sponsors of the Festival. The tiiming of the Dinner is: 6pm on 11 July 2013, location: Paulay Hall, strictly by prior registration. To participate, please call Mohana das at +3630 4058867.