20 years of Krsna-valley

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Non-violence, focus on environment, God-centered, austere life in a remote village in Somogy county.

From breaking the coconut to the heart of the valley.

May 15 saw the inaugural celebration of the programme series to commemorate the foundation of Krishna-valley in Somogyvámos 20 years ago. The celebration was honored by the presence of His Excellency Gauri Shankar Gupta, Ambassador of India in Hungary, Mr György Hölvényi, State Secretary for Religious Affairs as well as a number of other dignitaries. They were joined by supporters, helpers, friends as well, who had participated in the development of Krishna-valley.

As part of the celebration, the new Visitor Center of Krishna-valley was inaugurated. The building includes a showroom for the products of the Valley as well. There is ample parking beside the center. The project will welcome about 30 thousand tourists a year, who will be able to experience the culture, the lifestyle which takes care of the environment and also pilgrims coming from all corners of the world.

According to Indian custom, the cutting of the ribbon was preceded by breaking a coconut. This symbolises that the inhabitants of the Valley would like to distance themselves from the hardships of the material world and would like to turn to spirituality and joy. After the inauguration, the guests walked to the heart of Krishna-valley, the temple building, along an educational trail explaining a sustainable likestyle. The posters on the way demonstrate the most important elements of Krishna-conscious thinking.

The samadhi of Sríla Prabhupáda represents the importance of maintaining tradition.; the gurukula  operating along Vedic lines stresses the importance of education; the gosalla the importance of cow protection and non-violence; and finally the temple building emphasizes the importance of putting God into the center of our thinking.

In the temple room, His Excellency the Ambassador gave a lecture about the interrelationship among proper ecological thinking, faith, world view, and the possibilities of an economic boom. State Secretary for Religions György Hölvényi highlighted the responsible way of life of the inhabitants of Krishna-valley, which protects all life forms. He commended the example the settlers show to others in environmental protection as well as in God-consciousness. The cultural programme was concluded by an exotic mrdanga show given by the Gurukulis, which was greatly applauded by the audience. The guests were also invited to a nice vegetarian lunch.

The organiseers hope that during the 20 yeara anniversarycelebrations, all Hungarians will come to visit this holy place of Krishna-valley at least for one day, if only for the Village Festival (búcsú) and will A szervezők remélik, hogy Krisna-völgy fennállásának 20. évfordulója alkalmából az idei évben minden ember legalább egy napra ellátogat a szent helyre, erre kiváló alkalmat kínál majd a július végén megrendezésre kerülő Krisna-völgyi búcsú.

The members of the Hungarian yatra would like to express their gratitude to all those who assisted Krishna-valley to become the largest and perhaps the most beautiful ecovillage in Europe.