ECRL denounces the violence in Istanbul and Brussels

Admin Vallásközi - Hírek

As members of different faiths working together for peace and reconciliation, the European Council of Religious Leaders stands in solidarity with people of all faiths and none.

We offer our condolence to those who have lost friends and family and our prayers for all the people of Turkey and Belgium for these shocking attacks.

The acts of these mass murderers must not and will not be allowed to divide our society and communities, and by standing together and working for all we shall show our solidarity as united people of Europe supporting each other no matter what.

The Moderator Rev. Dr. Thomas Wipf stated: “As senior religious leaders we have committed ourselves to further a culture of peace through dialogue, tolerance and flourishing of human dignity, and hence denounce the violence of the extremist

Mr. Jehangir Sarosh the Secretary General of European Council of Religious Leaders says: “While we all need to recognise that violence is no way of resolving concerns and grievances one may have, the friends and families of the extremist have a more difficult task of exerting their influence to guide the potential extremists and terrorists to different paths of dialogue and negotiations to achieve their ends and resolve their concerns”.