Sivaráma Swami: Mitől lesz sikeres egy házasság? (Videó)

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Noha a Swami 50 éve cölibátusban él, rendszeresen segít pároknak abban, hogy elkötelezettek maradjanak a kapcsolatukban és beteljesíthessük a házasság valódi célját. Mi a házasság két alapvető pillére és mi az a három dolog, amit mindenkinek tudni kell egy kapcsolatban? Napjainkban sajnos a házasságok 50%-a válással végződik. Be kell vallanunk, hogy a mai élettársi kapcsolatok a valóságban korántsem olyan sikertörténetek, mint ahogy azt a filmek és könyvek próbálják bemutatni. De mi ennek az oka és mit tehetünk ellene? 

When God’s wife is angry

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Memories of a South-Indian pilgrimage The long-expected day came and we left for the wonderful India. It was January in Hungary. The usually freezing weather could not rule our mood. We could tolerate it easily because we knew that in South-India January is much different: it is joyful with bright sunshine, palm trees and singing birds. And why were we leaving for South-India on this day? Why were we curious of the southern states or more exactly Tirupati amongst thousands of nice areas of hundreds and hundreds traditions? In the South the Hindu culture or the continuity of Vedic traditions …

On the Way to Heaven

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An incredible journey in the Himalayas  He expected the peace of mind and spiritual strength from this journey, but the heart wrenching pain also urged him to do austerities. He was preparing for a journey to the four most sacred places in the Himalayas: the Char Dhama pilgrimage. There are places on this planet where Heaven and Earth are touching: these sacred places are also like that: Yamunotri can help the pilgrim to gain access to the realm of the Sun god,  Gangotri to Brahmaloka, Kedarnath to the abode of Śiva, Badrināth to the spiritual realm of Lord Viṣṇu. Our …

The fundamentals of raising a child

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Srila Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami was the principal of the Vedic school (gurukula) in Mayapur, India for many years. The following are excerpts from a series of lectures he gave in Krishna Valley, Somogyvámos. 1. Child raising begins well before the actual birth of a child. Before becoming a parent, one should first become a mature personality. Choosing the proper wife or husband is also essential; the marrying couple must share the same values. We have to pay attention to the proper training of boys and girls before marriage. For the boys, this means they have to learn to control …

Secrets to Family Health


A wholesome breakfast is the basis of healthy and harmonious family life, in the same way as spices and herbs are the key to tasty and delicious food. Wondering how to impress the whole family with your cooking? If the time and place are right, as well as the circumstances, the meal can make everyone feel happy at the family table. Healthy Body or Healthy Mind: Which Comes First? In the rush of everyday life, it is often difficult to find a stable pillar in our lives, a haven of refuge amidst the rolling waves. The hurry, the stress, erratic …

7 Golden Rules of a Successful Life


A successful life has its golden rules which are based on the most fundamental laws of nature and existence. We may turn to the latest bestsellers, but if we want to be successful, it is best to follow ancient wisdoms that have been around and effective for thousands of years.   It is the nature of all people to strive for happiness. Success may be of several kinds: material, carreer, or related to self-realisation, but the aim is the same: to feel more, better and happier.   Go your own way! Even if you perform someone else’s duty perfectly, if …

Happy People in India


I am lying in a half-open cottage in Kerala, one of the most beautiful places in India. It is April, and I am staying in the sprawling tropical land, in the cover of palm trees, at the shore of the ocean. As it should be in God’s own country, the month of Venus greets us with a pleasantly hot glance. April is watching the heavenly scene with hazy but hot eyes, though not weeping. As cool clouds come from the ocean, and they soothe the passion of April and chase the clouds if its tears towards the nearby mountains. In …